Source: WBAL TV 11

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A Maryland veterinarian offers some reminders to keep your four-legged friends safe this holiday weekend.

July Fourth weekend is sure to bring celebrations as fireworks shows are planned all across the region.

Pixie the dog may seem quiet, but she knows something is different and her senses are heightened. Dr. Marianne Bailey, a veterinarian who has work with pets for more than a decade, said people need to remember their pets amid preparations for the holiday weekend.

“We forget that our dog is not wearing collar or tag, and (then) they run and there’s no identification,” Bailey said.

According to Bailey, keeping pets identifiable is simple.

“There are two big things, I’d say: One is (keep them in a) part of the house where they aren’t going in and out. A lot of people are using AirTags on their pets. So, they’re not banging up against the collar as well,” Bailey said.

Fireworks are often a beautiful display of lights for the human eye, but for the canines, it is an anxiety-filled experience. Summer storms strapped with boisterous thunder can also send them into a panic, but your dogs don’t have to suffer.

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