When looking for a veterinary clinic, you should expect high-quality care and good, consistent service. Western Shore Veterinary Hospital has put together an expert team of veterinary professionals to provide your pet with the finest possible care. We invite you to come see our clean, comfortable, and efficient veterinary facility.

Wellness examinations are critical for your pet’s long-term health. Cats and dogs under the age of 7 should be examined every 12 months, while pets above the age of 7 should be seen every 6 months. A comprehensive physical exam, dental exam, weight assessment, and grooming evaluation will be performed throughout these appointments. Our vets will examine your pet from head to tail to ensure that they are in good health.

When you visit our veterinary office, bring any medical information about your pet with you. It’s vital to keep track of your pet’s health and behavioral changes throughout their life. Please contact your previous veterinarian and ask them to send records before your first appointment. They can be emailed directly to us at lovemypet@westernshorevet.com. If you are not able to have their records forwarded, please let us know what you believe will be significant. Whatever information you have, we can still work with it.

Our veterinarians will do their best to treat your pets with the diagnostics and medications available to us. On occasion, we will refer you to a specialist or emergency facility if we feel this is best for your pet.